“Be grateful” is my mantra. If things are hard, be grateful. If things are better than ever, be grateful. If you are happy, if you are sad, if you are stressed, if you are in love…be grateful.

And there are many ways to do that:

With your thoughts, with your actions and with your words.

With your thoughts: think and write daily appreciations. What are you grateful for? As little as your delicious morning coffee/tea you have every day, or as big as the family and friends that love you no matter what. Think about it and write it down if you can (I know “writing” is probably part of your actions…but, you are writing your thoughts, so…it is part of your thoughts ;).

With your actions: smile, hug, kiss, dance, walk in nature, write, paint! Do things that you LOVE to do.

With your words: Say “thanks” as much as you can, be grateful, be appreciative. You can change somebody’s day just by saying a meaningful “THANK YOU”.

I am so thankful for all life has given me. My family, my countries, my friends, my home. All and everything that have happened to me, have brought me to who I am, what I do, and who I love. THANK YOU.